What happens when I arrive? 

You will be greeted by our hosts who will give you a name badge, pen and list of names. You are then free to sit down or mingle with the other attendees. You MUST arrive for 7pm, if you arrive late, you won’t be able to join in!


What is the age range?

Most of our events are attended by people in their 20s and 30s. However, our events are open to all and we regularly have attendees in their 40s and 50s. 


How many dates will I have?

This will depend on the night and the number of no-shows, however, we predict the number to be around 25.


How long do I get with each date?

Again, this will depend on no-shows, however, we predict that you will get 3 minutes with each date.


How long will the event last?

The event should finish at around 21:30.


What happens after the event?

You will hand your sheet back to the hosts who will then do the match matching and you will be receive your results the following day via email.



7pm – 7:30pm: Sign-in and mingle. All attendees will be signed-in, receive their name badges, pens and charts. Once you have been signed-in, you are free to mingle with the other guests. 

7:30pm-7:40pm: Instructions and demonstration. 

7:40pm – 8:25pm: First half of speed dates 

8:25pm – 8:40pm: 15 minute break 

8:40pm – 9:30pm: Second half of speed dates and finish