Gay & Lesbian Blind Dating (22nd May 2021)

Gay & Lesbian Blind Dating (22nd May 2021)




Want to try a different approach to dating?

Want to save time by avoiding countless dates and long nights scouring the internet’s many dating websites?

If you’d rather not spend endless hours staring at a screen and swiping left, this method of dating is for you!


Fill in this form, providing our team with your basic details, hobbies and interests, we will then review this information with a human approach, carefully reading your background, interests, hobbies, likeness and preferences to understand you as a person, with the aim of finding a great match based on your common interests.


Once we have found you a match, we will confirm the details and an afternoon will be arranged at a central London park, in line with Tier 4 COVID-19 restrictions. 


You won’t receive the other person’s phone number prior to the meeting but if you are unable to find them once you have arrived, simply WhatsApp us (number provided upon purchase of a ticket) and we will get in contact with your date in order to ensure that they haven’t been held up or got lost.


To get involved, book your ticket below and fill in the this form.

Want to help a friend find a date? Submit a form on their behalf!