'I Am Kind But I'm Not Blind' T-Shirt

‘I Am Kind But I’m Not Blind’ T-Shirt


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Introducing the ‘I Am Kind But I’m Not Blind’ tee!

  • This unisex jersey is crafted with a high-quality print
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Fabric that’s as comfy as it gets
  • Retail fit for a flattering look
  • Runs true to size because we believe in embracing all body types
  • Every time you wear this tee, you’re not just making a fashion statement, you’re part of a movement that amplifies our voice
  • UK delivery within two working days, longer for international delivery
  • Feel free to reach out to us at contact@lezbegay.co.uk with any questions

Let it spark conversations, inspire others to stand up, and remind the world what a woman is. Together, we can reclaim our spaces. So, slip into this tee, stand tall, and let the world know that you say no.


Who are we?

We are a group of women who are tired of attending female-only events where men invade and make us uncomfortable. So, we’re created an event for women like us – Xxclusive is a female-only grassroots event that runs bi-monthly.

The event is not for profit, run by volunteers and entry is totally free. This means that we rely on merchandise sales and donations in order to continue running. Donations can be made here.

With each purchase of this tee, you directly contribute to supporting and funding venue, DJ and security costs for XXclusive. 100% of the profits from each sale go back into the running of the event.

Size Guide

S – WOMEN’S UK DRESS SIZE 8-10 chest, 8-10 collar, 10-12 waist    
CHEST 35”-37” / 89-94 cm    
COLLAR 14.5”-15” / 37-38 cm  
WAIST 32” / 81 cm    
M – WOMEN’S UK DRESS SIZE 12-14 chest, 12-14 collar, 14-16 waist    
CHEST 38”-40” / 96.5-101.5 cm    
1COLLAR 5.5” / 39-40 cm    
WAIST 34” / 86cm    
L – WOMEN’S UK DRESS SIZE 14-16 chest, 14-16 collar, 16-18 waist
CHEST 41”-43” / 104-109 cm    
COLLAR 16”-16.5” / 41-42 cm    
WAIST 36” / 91.5 cm    
XL – WOMEN’S UK DRESS SIZE 16-18 chest, 16-18 collar, 18-20 waist    
CHEST 44”-46” / 112-117 cm    
COLLAR 17”-17.5” / 43-44 cm    COLLAR
WAIST 38” / 96.5 cm    

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'I Am Kind But I'm Not Blind' T-Shirt – XS, 'I Am Kind But I'm Not Blind' T-Shirt – S, 'I Am Kind But I'm Not Blind' T-Shirt – M, 'I Am Kind But I'm Not Blind' T-Shirt – L, 'I Am Kind But I'm Not Blind' T-Shirt – XL, 'I Am Kind But I'm Not Blind' T-Shirt – XXL