Variety Multipack TERF Stickers

Variety Multipack TERF Stickers


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Introducing our TERF stickers!

  • These square stickers come in a set of 13, each measuring 5x5mm
  • You will receive one badge per design (see images
  • Featuring a bold design that demands attention
  • Stick them on your laptop, water bottle, or anywhere you want to make a statement
  • UK delivery within two working days, longer for international delivery
  • Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions

Let these stickers spark conversations, inspire others to stand up, and remind the world what a woman really is. Together, we can reclaim our spaces. So, grab your TERF stickers stickers, stick them proudly, and let your voice be heard!


Who are we?

We are a group of women who are tired of attending female-only events where men invade and make us uncomfortable. So, we’re created an event for women like us – Xxclusive is a female-only grassroots event that runs bi-monthly.


The event is not for profit, run by volunteers and entry is totally free. This means that we rely on merchandise sales and donations in order to continue running. Donations can be made here.

With each purchase of these stickers, you directly contribute to supporting and funding venue, DJ and security costs for XXclusive. 100% of the profits from each sale go back into the running of the event.